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As a village trustee, I would work to bring economic development and growth to the area. I believe that it is of the utmost importance that we take steps to make the village attractive to potential investors and businesses. As a small business owner who seeks to expand my offerings to the community, I understand what is needed to draw would-be entrepreneurs in. I would also work hard to bring more funds to the village, by way of grants, donations, and investments, to achieve this goal, as well as to meet other needs of the community. My experience as a founder and board member of a successful non-profit organization has given me the skills necessary to work to procure funding for the village.

As a trustee, I would remain an independent thinker. I will examine each issue before me, ensuring that I understand all sides, before voting. I will always vote in the way that I feel is in the best interest of the village, regardless of my or anyone else’s party affiliations. I think it is imperative that board members are able to work cooperatively for the good of the village, and I aim to do just that. I am of a progressive mindset, and I feel that I have much to offer to the board and community.

As a community, I think it is important that we also invest in people, offering opportunities to enrich their lives. In doing so, I feel that Fredonia will be a place that draws in young people and families; people who want to raise families here and in turn invest their monies and futures in the village. As a lifelong resident and mother to two young children, this is something very near and dear to me.

Above all else, as a trustee, I will be a voice for the community. If I am afforded the privilege of serving the members of our community as a trustee, I will make it my priority to hear the concerns, questions, and suggestions of the members of our village. I am running for this office because, as in my community service ventures, I have a desire to help people, and our community as a whole.